Affordable Skip Hire Alternative in Kent

The first thought in many peoples mind when having to get rid of any amount of waste is to hire a skip. Whilst hiring a skip can sometimes be the best option and we ourselves do use them on certain projects it is generally cheaper and less hassle to arrange for a clearance company like ourselves to come and the collect the waste instead.

The main advantage when hiring a skip is that you are not charged by the weight and only the size of the skip chosen, also it can be useful to have one to load at your leisure. The downsides are that you pay a set price whether you fill the skip or not, you have to do the hard work filling it yourselves, there can sometimes be a delay in the skips arrival and also with its collection, if it is to be put on a public road you will need to apply for a permit and you are responsible for making it safely marked and not causing a traffic hazard.

When hiring a company like ourselves we arrive at a convenient time and day, we do all of the hard work removing the waste and you only pay for what is taken away.

In certain situations where a skip is beneficial but you would like the hassle of arranging one and the hard work loading it to be done by someone else this is a service we offer at an hourly rate plus the cost of the skip.

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Next-day Skip Hire Alternative in Kent

Removing your junk should not be a hassle. With typical skip hire, you are required to do all the hard work yourself, like the lifting, organising the skip to be dropped off and then acquiring the license too. Naturally, this is something that people got fed up with, and that’s why we began offer skip hire alternative services in Kent, freeing Kent from the high prices, awkward timings and inflexible hours of having a skip. With our service, you should be able to sit back and let other professionals do this sort of tedious manual labour for you. You ought to be aware of some of the difficulties skip hire may give rise to (especially in Kent). Firstly, you will need to know what size of skip is required and for how long you may need it. Getting this wrong could be a costly mistake if you need a larger skip or overrun your rental period. It may also be inconvenient as you will need to be around when the skip is delivered and again when it is collected, otherwise you may find it parked in your garden or even blocking your driveway.

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Secondly, if you plan to leave the skip on a public road you will need a permit from your local council. Every London council has its own application forms and you need to submit these in advance. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, when you hire a skip to be parked in the roadway you have the responsibility to make sure that it is safely marked and not causing a traffic hazard. Crucially, you will be responsible for the items you place in the skip and the risk they may cause to anyone choosing to “explore” the contents. Obviously, if you have items that are subject to WEEE regulations this may be a real risk on your part.

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