Office and Commercial Property Clearances

Whether it be a small business or major organisation Kent Property Clearance can remove just a few items or completely clear an entire building or premises. We are also able to provide regular scheduled or unscheduled pick-ups as required.

We are also able to move items from one place to another or within the same building which in some cases can be done free of charge but if any significant time is required to complete the task such as dismantling and reconstructing an hourly rate will be charged.

As well as being fully insured to carry out our business activities we are also registered under the Environment Agency “Control Of Pollution (Amendment ) Act 1989”, and licensed to remove and carry waste. With increasing concern over the ever growing landfill sites and the menace of fly tipping how we are disposing of our waste is more of an issue than ever.

Anything taken away by Kent Property Clearance is disposed of properly. Either sold, used, given awayor taken to a waste transfer station to be recycled with the appropriate fees paid to the local authority.

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